Friday, 15 January 2010

7 funny (strange and ha-ha) facts about me

I was tagged by sweet Fallon of Sweet Fancy blog yesterday and now I have to share seven facts about me - don't laugh (too hard):

1. I am not a morning person, but I try hard, ever since I had children, most charming alarm clocks ever invented.

2. I often talk to myself, imagining there is a specific person next to me and engaging in a dialogue with them. When I'm pushing my baby around in a stroller, people just assume I talk to the baby and don' t think it (so) weird.

3. I'm a very messy person, I rarely tidy up straight after doing something and prefer "creative disorder" to "tidy and organized" in my working space. Each time I have to do a thorough spring cleaning, I'm completely lost for weeks after, desperately trying to remember where I've put everything.

4. My fears... Besides cleaning?

5. I've loved animals ever since I was a child - I still get watery eyes when I think of all my pets that have died.

6. I used to give my pets many funny nicknames, and then variations of nicknames until there were 15 or so names they responded to. Lately I have been doing the same with my children...

7. My favourite flavour of ice cream is vanilla. I'm sorry if it sounds boring, but it has been so for as long as I can remember.

You think you could share 7 facts about you? I'm tagging you! Elisa, Heather Louise, Sonja,Lisa, Mateja, Renate and Miss Maisy (not her real name, but don't tell anyone).

and here is the colour of my rainbow, according to


  1. Hehehe... so great to learn more about you! :)
    I've been tagged with this before, but I'll try to come up with 7 other things I haven't revealed so far ...

  2. Adorable! And...familiar:)

    Thanks for tagging me. I will get on it soon.

  3. so good to know more things about you! :)

  4. Oh how I love this!

    I AM a morning person :) but I'm with you on three. When I do a proper cleaning job in my sew room, the next time I need something... I stand with my hands on my hips for a while and think real hard. I seriously have to look 2-3 times before I find it or give up.

    I talk to myself in my head sometimes but maybe its the shy in me that keeps me from doing it out loud?? hehe

    ...and my fav ice cream is chocolate which is equally boring :) I loved learning some random facts about you, thanks for playing along!

  5. hihi so great to learn you a little bit better !

  6. Vanilla Rocks! (You should try it with peanut butter on top)

  7. Seven facts about me you ask?
    1. I hate mondays, mornings, the smell of bacon, the sun rise, alarm clocks --anything having to do with waking up against my will.
    2.Not only do I talk to myself I argue and often put myself into a headlock if I dont do exactly what I say.
    3.I am so messy that the search and rescue team has long since been called off.
    4.I have a paralyzing fear of crossword puzzles and BBQ chicken.
    5.I love animals....speshy my mystery snails. Are they considered animals though?
    6.When I lived in Holland I couldna remember anyones name so all the women were "greta van whozits" and the men were "Hans Van Wutzisname".
    7. Ice cream makes me turn a most lovely shade of peppermint!


  8. Farm girl, you are one in a million! You must have charmed the socks off those Dutch people.

    And yes, I guess snails are animals, in my husband's country they are even considered an entrée...

    Thanks for playing!

  9. This was so much fun! Loved learning more about you. Sweet photo as well.
    OK, here it goes.....

    1. I love getting up early in the morning but not when I have too. Did that make sense?
    2. I not only talk to myself but I also have conversations with my sewing machine when she doesn't behave.
    3. I am constantly tidying/cleaning while I work in my studio...especially those little pieces of thread that I find every where.
    4. My fears....Besides little pieces of thread taking over my studio?
    5. When my last kitty passed away I cried an entire day....and more.
    6. My kitty Anni has many nicknames that both me and my partner have given her. She responds to a variety of them such as fur ball and turkey.
    7.Coffee ice cream is the only flavor I will eat. Sugar + caffeine = heaven!

    Have a great weekend Damjana!


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