Thursday, 10 June 2010

Flashback Friday

This flashback goes way, way back, in my nappy-wearing days (yes, that is me in the picture, nevermind the year it was taken!).

The reason why I dug up my bare-beehind photo is this old safety pin I found at the bottom of my sewing box. It is around 5 cm long and has a plastic closure, shaped like a piggy's head. The pin has Chicco written in the back and is one of the safety pins my parents would use to secure a plain cloth nappy in the days Pampers wasn't a household name yet.

According to my mother the disposable nappies were introduced in our country when my brother and I no longer needed any. So at the end of each day our appartment was crowded with drying laundry, most of it cloth nappies...

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  1. I couldn't imagine washing diapers. Baby doo smells so dang bad! Even when my Akita was a pup, if she made a mess on her blankie, we jst threw it away. God Bless our parents =)

  2. O, take fotke pa tudi pri nas obstajajo - celo dvorišče polno sušečih plenic :))
    Hja, saj pravijo, da je bilo bolj zdravo. In bolj ekološko.

    Sponkica je pa lep spomin! :)

  3. What a fun thing to find! I think I used to have pins like that laying around from my cloth diaper wearing days :) I love the piggy. My mom used cloth when I was really little because Pampers were so expensive, but by the time I was a young toddler, she switched because, with three kids, she didn't want the hassle of washing all of those diapers anymore! Great flashback!!!

  4. OH! I have one of my baby diaper safety pins too!!!! Mine is all rusted, and in pretty bad shape, but its a yellow duck, and I hold it so close to my heart.


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