Friday, 18 June 2010

Flashback Friday

It's father's day this weekend as my son reminded me earlier today, bringing a special drawing for his Papa home from school.

So I quickly scanned this picture from my album, showing me and my dad one summer holiday, when I was about 10 (and still naturally blond, especially after spending a week at the beach). We are grooming Bleki, our first family dog, who had survived quite an exhausting car and ferry ride that summer to come to a small island off Croatian coast with us. He looks like a little teddy bear but that is because he was only around three months old at the time. He later grew into a full size german shepherd/newfoundland mix (with a hint of rough collie), showing his newfoundland passion for swimming every time we took him near water.

We didn't know much about dogs before we took Bleki into our family so we had no idea that while we had chosen a sweet tempered children's companion, he was basically a very dominant male, who would obey only my father and treated the rest of us as insignificant dog walkers. It was only my father who had enough authority to handle Bleki's canine love of chasing animals or getting into fights with other males, it was only his master's voice that could stop Bleki in his tracks...

There is 1000 km and a few countries between us these days,
so here's one long-distance Happy father's day, Oči!


  1. What a great moment captured. I love how you put it "we were insignificant dog walkers". It's always nice to discover where you stand with pets :) It must be hard not being so near to your Dad.

  2. That is a sweet photo.I like your Dad's shoes too!

  3. Dear Damjana, I liked your story and the photo very much!!! And I could feel the love you have for you dad!

  4. It looks like your Dad has great style.

    My Dad and I will be seperated this year as well :( It sure does make us think of them that much more, doesn't it?

  5. what a lovely post and such a sweet photo of the two of you! my dad and I are apart this father's day as well - long distance hugs just aren't the same.

  6. Love your flash back Fridays Damjana! You look so sweet with your dad.

    In my family my mother was the only person who could walk our dog. If anyone else got the lease he would growl and run away. If my father had to walk him he had to lasso the lease onto his neck to avoid a bite!

    Wishing your husband and dad a very Happy Father's Day!


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