Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sunday at the lake

Our family likes to spend the weekends exploring our new hometow. Pontarlier is more known as a winter sports destination but in the summer it also offers a lot of activities, like mountain biking, hiking and enjoying the beautiful lakes on this and the other side of the French-Swiss border.

We spent our Sunday at the nearby lake Lac de Saint-Point. The day started out overcast and cold but we didn't lose hope. One thing we have learned so far is to expect everything and pack our bags for all occasions - the weather at this altitude can quickly turn from very hot to quite chilly when a passing cloud covers the sun (and back to scorching hot as soon as the cloud moves away).

The temperature of the lake was still a bit cold from rainy weather the week before but shallow waters close to the beach were still warm enough for the children to play.

Malbuisson, one of the towns by the lake, was decorated with festive garlands and full of tourists from all over Europe. At 18.30h the restaurants were just starting to greet the dinner guests.

Apart from all the beautiful flowers that spilled over the windows, they town also planted colourfull flower beds along the municipal parking lot, making cheerful separations where one usually only sees dull weeds. It seems that over here they make the best of the shorts months of warm weather before heavy winter snow covers the grounds again ...


  1. Super dan ste si naredili - lepe fotke!

  2. The photo with the kids, the swans, the beach, the lake and the clouds is a masterpiece technically and emotionally!

  3. Thank you, Yael, you are too kind... :)


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