Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Birthday cake

Today was my son Gaston's 4th birthday - I can't believe how quickly time flies!

Since we only moved to Pontarlier five months ago and our extended family lives too far away, we couldn't plan a big party full of kids and chocolate stained T-shirts. But a birthday is not really a birthday without a cake so yesterday evening I got elbow-deep in chocolate and produced my very first (worth mentioning, at least) birthday cake!

Since Gaston almost prefers blowing out candels to eating the cake, I put more than just four candles. And to hide the chocolate stained paper I sprinkled the plate with smarties (which, as it turns out, was Lily's prefered part of the cake).

I also listed a new eyeglasses case this afternoon, made of charcoal wool with vintage plaid necktie trim.
What a day!


  1. Najprej jasno najbolj pomembno: Vse najboljše malemu dečku :) Torta zgleda čist OK in ne kaže nobenih znakov prve peke.

    "Očalnica" pa je tudi lepa. Topla, zimska, umirjena.

  2. Happy Birthday little Gaston! Jom Huledet same-ach!

  3. Thank you for the card, Yael, you're the best!

  4. Happy Birthday to your boy =)

  5. Happy Birthday to sweet Gaston! Sorry to hear that you did not have a house full of kids but I am sure you did not miss all the chocolate stains. he he

    Love your new eyeglass case. The button coordinates so perfectly!


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