Monday, 5 September 2011

First day of school

This year both my children are going to preschool, école maternelle in France, and to mark this event I made them each a new toy. Gaston will keep his bat under the pillow to protect him from monsters at night and Lily will take her bunny to school every day - if there is ever a moment of homesickness, she has both mine and her father's pictures attached to little bunny's pocket...

I made the bat's wings in one piece from shiny viscose fabric that I stuffed with vegetal fibres and overstitched to give it a 3D look. Then I attached the little bat, made from black velvety fabric, stuffed and sewn shut. The bat has two golden beads for eyes and embroidered mouth. 

Bunny is made from some leftover floral print fabric and beige linen with button eyes and embroidered face. It has soft lavender terry-cloth ears and a front pocket in which it keeps his photographs - I transfered the two pictures on cotton canvas and sewed them together. 
I found it hard to get the iron temperature just right so three sheets of transfer paper later I had two small 
images I could use and the rest were either overburned or not transfered entirely...

I wish all of you a happy Monday and creative week ahead!


  1. so sweet ! The bat is absolutely gorgeous !!

  2. Yes it is Damjana, sweet and gorgeous, I agree!

    What a lovely idea with the pictures of mummy and daddy attached to the bunny!

  3. Very sweet indeed! I am sure Lily will find it very comforting to see a pic of her mommy and daddy when she feels a little homesick. What a great idea!

  4. Thank you!
    And Elisa, I made a mama-papa picture pendant for Gaston when he entered kindergarten at the age of 3 - I hung the pendant around his plush cat's neck and like other children he kept the cat on his kindergarten bed for nap time.


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