Thursday, 17 November 2011

A quick transformation

There was not much time for sewing this past week but I did manage to make a little alteration on Lily's hat. Since I can't crochet or knit, I found her a simple, warm fleece hat in muted purple.

The store bought hat had tassels on long strings and since preschool doesn't like clothing with strings hanging around children's necks for risk of injury on the playground, I decided to cut both tassels off, sew them on the top of the hat and decorate the sides with two little fabric flowers I happened to have in stock...


  1. Praktična in ljubka preobrazba.

  2. She is just the sweetest!

    And a sweet hat as well. :)

  3. Lej jo, lepotičko, kok je zrasla :) prava punca ♥ ♥ predelana kapica pa je tudi bolj praktična in tudi bolj simpatična.

  4. Nice job Damjana - AND this little girl is sooo lovely!

  5. Thank you, hvala,
    I hope I will have some new designs soon, at the moment there are so many other things keeping me away from my sewing machine...


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