Monday, 21 October 2013

October news

So much to tell, so little time! Between sewing, taking pictures and editing them there is hardly enought time left to blog about it...

The nature is changing into red, orange and yellow and such is the latest messenger bag in my shop - I added a large dragonfly metallic charm in front and the soft adjustable strap in chocolate brown was chosen over the yellow one thanks to the input from my Facebook followers :-)

The second purse is a Pippa handbag, elegant and petite bag for special occasions - I chose dove grey and dark brown upholstery fabrics with beautiful structure, silver thread for embroidery and some purple and olive green ribbons to add a bit of colour. Handmade kanzashi flower brooch is detachable and can be worn on a bag or on your top to coplete the look.

A new home, anyone? Here are the latest house brooches, don't forget the Christmas tree...

And for all of you who don't have a PayPal account,  Loddelina Etsy shop is now accepting direct credit card payments. You can also purchase a shipping upgrade if you want your package to have a tracking number and insurance.

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Oktobrske novičke

Ko si utrgam čas za šivanje, fotografiranje izdelkov in friziranje fotk v računalniku, komaj ostane kaj časa še za blog! Tukaj je nekaj novosti, dodanih v zadnjih tednih: nova jesenska torba s kačjim pastirjem, elegantna torbica v umirjenih, zimskih tonih s snemljivo broško ter tri hiške broške, ki se že veselijo Dedka Mraza... Po novem lahko v moji trgovini plačujete direktno s kartico, tudi če nimate računa PayPal, zraven pa lahko zahtevate pošiljko s sledenjem in zavarovanjem.

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