Thursday, 30 October 2014

Back to work

After coming home from our short holiday in Slovenia, a fresh shipment of zippers waited for me at the post office - no more excuses, it's time to go back to work!

Sunny, warm October days in Ljubljana and dying blossoms in my mother's garden are now just a fresh inspiration for new creations.

See you soon!

Monday, 13 October 2014


It has been pouring with rain these past two days and the weather matches my mood because five months ago our dear kitten Luna went missing and we've had no news since.
Well, we've had plenty of false hope, phone calls from well meaning neighbours who thought they saw her in their garden, on the street, in the fields behind their house... but each time it was just a case of mistaken identity.
We try to stay positive, hoping she will turn up somewhere eventually (if she is indeed still alive) and be identified by the microchip she is wearing under her skin.

In the meanwhile, summer came and went (nobody really misses those exceptionally cold and rainy months), and here's autumn, leaves are turning gold and inspite of recent rain we've had plenty of warm, sunny indian summer days.

Now the rain is back and with it muddy boots - images are from our regular walks in the country:

Rainy days are best spent indoors, sewing and appreciating little corners of our home - a bird mobile I made last spring, my sewing table (with pin cushion) and a bathroom shelf that makes me smile in the morning:

I wish you all a great week ahead!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Back to school!

September is time for children to go back to school and for their mama to have more time for sewing :-)

So here they are, september news in my shop:

For all your daily walks around town, here are two messenger bags in super soft vegan leather, handmade embroidery and adjustable shoulder strap. The bag has many pockets; exterior zipper pocket plus interior pockets - one with a flap for your phone, small slip pockets for tissues, a small notebook (am I the only one who still uses paper?) and pens plus a swivel hook for keys.

While working with vegan leather, I tried out a small zipper pouch and here are the results.

And for those who think small is beautiful and tiny is downright awesome, here are five more fabric brooches.

May your September be warm and sunny!

≤≥ ≤≥ ≤≥

Nazaj v šolo! 
Ko gredo otroci septembra nazaj v šolo, ima mama končno več časa za šivanje... Tule so rezultati zadnjih dveh tednov, zdaj na voljo v trgovini. Lep sončen september vam želim!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April news

We are in the second week of Easter holidays here in eastern France - the weather hasn't been too great for spending time outdoors so I am charged with entertainment, craft projects and other indoor activities for the children, saving a little time for sewing as well.

Some of this month's new listings to the shop; larger, extended versions of coin purse that I first made after a dear customer requested a purse in which she could store all her credit and various fidelity cards (we all have tons of those!). The card purse has two interior slip pocket for organizing cards, card payment slips, tickets and passes, which leaves enough room for coins and other smaller items.

A custom made iPhone pouch was another challenge for me, I haven't sewn a curved zipper in a long time but it was the only way to make taking the phone in and out of the purse easier - I am very happy with the result and the padded lining gives the phone enough protection without making the pouch too bulky.

Tomorrow is May 1st, international worker's day, a day off for some but a busy, perhaps sewing day for others :-)

::  ::  ::

Aprilske novosti

V trgovini sem dodala nekaj večjih denarnic, v katerih je prostira za kartice, drobiž in ostale malenkosti, poseben izziv pa je bila tudi izdelava ovitka za iPhone po naročilu - še zlasti zadrga okrog ovinka, ki omogoča enostavno jemanje telefona ven in spravjanja noter.
Lep praznik dela želim in uživajte v majskih oblakih!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Faux leather messenger

As I promised in my last post, I tried something new and made a messenger bag from a piece of high quality upholstery faux leather I had bought recently. Sewing was smooth as butter and I was surprised at how naturally the pleather looks and feels - definitely worth trying!

I decided to make this messenger a bit taller than my usual cross body bags (3 cm) but otherwise the same, with extra metallic zipper pocket in the back. Soft grey strap complemented the metalware and I decided to add a simple freefoot embroidery in front - with a bit of silver metallic thread for additional shine.

The messenger bag has four interior slip pockets for phone, tissues, pens and paper notebook (yes, I still use one of those for quick sketches or for entertaining children while we wait at the restaurants and such) plus one zippered pocket for smaller items. A swivel hook and another D-ring on the side of the lining hold my keys and a foldable shopping bag.

The leather is lovely dark brown shade, one that goes equally well with brown, grey or black accessories. I needed a bag that was a bit more neutral than my lively red velvet with turquoise starfish I have been wearing for this past year - I never even posted that bag on blogger so here it is:

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Monday, 17 March 2014


A long time has passed since my last post, there was some sad personal business to attend to and before I knew it, the spring had sprung!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook know that we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather these past two weeks and when spring calls, I answer! That means spending lots of time outdoors, eating lunch on the terrace, planning the new gardening season and keeping our cat Luna out of mischief (she likes to play in our neighbour's flower bed and explores their garage every time it stays open for two minutes).

I haven't felt like sewing these past few months but I couldn't stay away from my creative space for long. This past weekend, inspired by Apartment Therapy post, I tried making a bird mobile. I made my composition simpler to fit the corner of our living room and I decided to paint my birds in grey ombré...

I hope to be back with new Loddelina projects soon, if anything can get you in the mood for creating, it's Mother Nature's own creations!

Have a wonderful spring!

::     ::     ::


Dolgo je že od mojega zadnjega javljanja, vmes sem imela nekaj žalostnih osebnih opravkov, medtem pa je v deželo prišla pomlad in že dva tedna uživamo v krasnem, toplem soncu. To pomeni, da več časa preživljam zunaj, z otroki kosimo na terasi, načrtujemo novo vrtnarsko sezono in čuvamo, da muca Luna ne zaide v težave - zelo rada namreč raziskuje sosedov vrt in garažo... 
Za bolj ažurna javljanja me lahko spremljate na Facebooku ali Instagramu, obljubim, da se kmalu oglasim z novimi Loddelininimi kreacijami.

Lepo pomlad želim vsem!

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