Sunday, 18 December 2011

Still here...

Hello, dear friends,

I must apologize for not posting much lately, things have been a bit hectic with the last week of preschool and all the Christmas preparation - but now the holidays are here, and most importantly, Mother Nature sent us snow to slow things down, stop us from rushing around all day, make us stay at home and enjoy each other...

So that is what we are doing this weekend, frolicking in the fresh snow in the morning and going to the town Christmas fair merry go round in the afternoon. I must admit I have been more faithful to Instagram than Blogger this past month - hence these square images...

I hope you are enjoying your weekend as well, I will see you soon!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

My workspace

I wanted to title this post as usual, "work in progress" but other than chosing the fabrics and cutting out the pattern I haven't made enough progress on a new Pippa shoulder bag. I will continue on Monday since tomorrow we plan to visit a nearby Christmas fair...

Once it is done, this small shoulder bag will be a robin's egg blue corduroy with golden mustard jacquard base and lined with matching bright red and turquoise print, decorated with some mustard yellow trim and buttons, perhaps appliqued flowers. I haven't decided on the colour of zipper yet, if red is too much, I might chose something more neutral although I feel like    
c o l o u r  
at the moment - inspiration for this particular combination came from a pretty box I purchased some time ago...

Stay tuned...

Monday, 5 December 2011

My day Monday and December Newsletter

New issue of Loddelina newsletter is out today - due to busy time of the year there have not been many new additions to my shop this month but I am looking forward to new creative challenges and ideas for the year 2012!

And to start this week on a happy note, here is my Monday Moodboard:

Clockwise from top left: FiliGraceJewelry, StarBags, byMarianneS, bialakura.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


Last night I was up till one finishing my double advent calendar for the children. Papa Arno made the light wooden frame (90x130cm, 35x51") with screwed in metalic hooks on which we strung a simple white cord to make 24 intersections. Children helped me make the tags and when they went to bed in the evening, I added two sets of red paper bags with small presents inside, attached with red polkadot ribbon for Lily and brown for Gaston.

I didn't grow up with this tradition but always found it fun for the small children who have a hard time waiting for Christmas (my son has been asking me about it since his birthday in September...). With this simple countdown tool they will discover a little surprise every morning of this holiday season.

Have a nice Thursday and don't forget, Loddelina December newsletter will be out this weekend, there is still time to subscribe and get fresh news about new items and shop promotions!

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