Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Shop news

October is here and there are some new coin purses in my shop - made from butter soft vegan leather, with free foot floral embroidery and lined with cheerful cotton prints. They close with a metallic zipper and have an interior slip pocket for a few cards or some coupons.

These purses are now available in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Thank you, teachers!

School year is almost over and for the last couple of months I have been very busy making personalised thank you presents for teachers - after I made a set of three pencil cases with applique and embroidery with a message "merci, maîtresse" (thank you, teacher) and the name of each pupil in the back, orders started coming in for more.

I enjoy going through my fabric scraps, ribbons and lace to make individual, unique fabric pictures - most are pencil cases and some smaller, card purses. Of course I have to make some for my children as well, I don't want their teachers to be left out...

After the next week I will put my Etsy shop on vacation mode over the summer - Loddelina will be back in September with new fabric and, of course, new back to school pencil cases.

I hope you have a great summer!

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Hvala, učiteljica

Šolsko leto je pri koncu in za mano sta dva meseca šivanja peresnic - daril za učiteljice ob koncu leta. Kmalu po tem, ko sem zašila prve tri peresnice, personalizirane z imenom učenca, sem dobila še nova naročila in tako je nastal cel kup tekstilnih slik iz koščkov blaga, trakcev in čipk, v izdelavi katerih sem zelo uživala.

Ko bo šola zaključena in darila predana, bom šla na počitnice in čez poletje saprla Etsy trgovino, v septembru se pa spet vidimo.
Lepo poletje želim vsem!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Shop news: crossbody purses and coin pouches

With flowers still very much on my mind, I added some new card purses to my shop this week - the design has slightly changed, with a softer, rounder shape to complement the faux leather. Each purse is decorated with a patch of dark grey vegan leather, embroidered with plants and blossoms. Purses have zipper closure and an interior pocket for a bank note, coupons and such.

Another new design is a small crossbody purse or zipper pouch, small but roomy enough to hold a phone (there is a small pocket for it inside), keys, lipstick and other essentials for an evening out. The new bag can also be a practical travel pouch for keeping your passport and other papers handy. Made from faux leather or sturdy canvas, the purse closes with a zipper and hangs on a soft cotton cord.


Photographing these was quite a challenge, one cloudy day I had everything set by the large windows in the living room when a dark cloud completely covered the sky and took all the light with it. The next day sun was blasting from the sky with such intensity it turned all my pictures yellow and no amount of photoshopping could fix them. So yesterday I finally got a break with a perfect soft natural light  and a little decorative help from my blossoming azalea :-)

Have a great Sunday!

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Ta teden sem v trgovino dodala nove denarnice in torbice za čez ramo. Večinoma iz umetnega usnja, z novim, mehkejšim krojem. Denarnice so dovolj prostorne za drobiž, nekaj kartic in kakšen bankovec (potisnjen v poseben žepek v notranjosti). 

Druga novost so torbice za čez ramo, majhne, a dovolj prostorne za večerni izhod ali kot potovalni žep za dokumente. Vsem je skupna cvetlična vezenina na sprednji strani (hvala azeleji za inspiracijo) in torbice imajo naramnico iz mehne bombažne vrvi.

Lepo nedeljo vam želim!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Spring is finally here

Even a rainy day can't spoil my admiration for blossoming trees and shrubs. Our little town is situated at 860m altitude so spring blossoms come with a couple of weeks' delay compared to elsewhere. First picture of magnolia tree was taken 10 days ago in nearby Besancon and this shy cherry tree is just starting to bloom in a house nearby. 

In the meantime I am starting to add new designs to my Etsy shop - there aren't many items left since I took most of them to a shop in Ljubljana where they will be available during the summer (and hopefully attract some customers :-)

Check out the new wristlets, house brooches and soon to be added some new coin purses! 

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Shop news


New year is here and we are now three weeks into New year's resolutions, with fresh ideas and motivated to start new projects.

After my participation at the Christmas market last December I decided to add little soft dolls in my Etsy shop. So far I was making these little kittens, bunnies and bears as personalized birthday presents for my childrens' friends and they were a big success - I hope my Etsy bunch gets some love as well! So far there are seven dolls in the shop but you can always contact me for a custom made one and I will embroider a name for no additional charge.

P.S. The drawings in the background of these product photos were kindly lent to me by my children

::  ::  ::  


novo leto je tukaj in začenjamo ga z zaletom, s svežimi idejami in novimi projekti. Eden takšnih se je odkrušil od lanskega božičnega sejma - male mehke živalce, ki jih že nekaj let šivam za rojstnodnevna darila prijateljem mojih otrok, so zdaj na voljo tudi v Etsy trgovini - poleg prve sedmerice pliškotov ponujam tudi izdelavo po želji, barve, izvezeno ime.
P.S: Risbice za "fotosešn" sta prijazno posodila otročka :-)

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