Monday, 19 January 2015

And so it begins again

A new year, a fresh start, a tidy sewing desk, new supplies on the shelf - what more could one possibly want?

January began with a winter wedding of a dear friend and we drove to the nearby lake Geneva in Switzerland, to a beautiful little town of Vevey where we could take some great pictures of the lake and the couple just before the sun set in the afternoon.

My wedding gift were two soft but well stuffed 50 x 50 cm pillows in custom made decorative covers - I used all linen fabrics, cut out the initials F and J and decorated them with lace, ribbons and buttons.

December was a month of giving and what better thing to give than one's time and attention. Recently a couple of friends became the lucky parents of a baby boy and since they have a Christmas tradition of buying special ornaments that remind them of certain places and events, I decided to make them a "baby's first Christmas" ornament - a little bird for baby Gaspard.

And since I mentioned new supplies... I ordered some small embroidery hoops before Christmas, thinking I could engage my children in some needlework - they have been asking me to let them help me sew so I am always looking for ways to involve them in my craft in a fun, safe way. So far we haven't yet had time to try out embroidery but I couldn't just let those hoops sit on my shelf untested - so one night, while watching Agatha Christie's Poirot episodes on Youtube, I made this little floral arangement on a 5 inch (13 cm) hoop. 

But what about the children? We'll do needle work next time, for now I bought them some colour pencils for fabric and they drew some creatures on white linen which I then sewed together and stuffed into small plush toys.

While all this was going on, I hardly had any time to sew new Loddelina bags - they will have to wait for my next post.

Have a lovely week!

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In spet se začenja

Januar je čas za nov začetek, za pospravljeno šivalno mizo in nove potrebščine na polici. Mesec se je začel s poroko dveh prijateljev -  nekaj foto utrinkov iz mesteca Vevey ob Ženevskem jezeru. In moje darilo mladoporočencema: okrasni blazini 50 x 50 cm z začetnicama J in F na lanenih prevlekah. 
Pa še eno darilo, božični okrasek za dojenčkov prvi božič, moji prvi poskusi vezenja (pred novim letom sem nabavila nekaj manjših okvirjev, da bom mogoče otroka navdušila za delo z iglo) in živalice, ki sta jih na blago narisala s flomastri za tkanino, jaz pa obrezala, zašila in natlačila v mehke igračke. 
Tudi za Loddelino bo čas, več v naslednji objavi!

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