Saturday, 27 February 2010

New in my shop - Pupa shoulder bag

Here they are, two new shoulder bags in Loddelina shop, French-made so to say...
I have designed this pattern a while ago but have only rediscovered it recently, adjusted it a bit and voilà!

Black poppies

English rose

Pupa is a medium sized bag that sits close under your arm but has a small magnetic clasp to keep everything safely inside when you put it down. Instead of a simple interior pocket I decided to make a zippered one on the back of the bag. It is lined and reinforced to hold everything you might need in a hurry so you don't have to fish it out of the botom of the purse.

The first Pupa bag in black, white and red popped out of my fabric drawer all by itself - I have been wanting to make something with that Ikea printed canvas ever since I bought it. I outlined one of the poppies in the front with red embroidery and added some other red details to complement the cotton webbing handles.

The second, more romantic version of the shoulder bag, was made from something old, something new, something borrowed and something - pink. Oatmeal canvas for the body of the bag and softly woven linen canvas for handles were some leftovers my mother in law let me have and the buttons come from my mother's "stash".

And those small green and red beads that decorate the zipper? I remember getting them for my birthday when I was a little girl, in a set of do-it-yourself yewellery.

Work in progress

I was able to set up my sewing corner last weekend - as soon as the table was put in the guest room, which we use as children's changing/bathing room, I started drawing a new pattern for a purse. I had some free time to sew when my sister in law came to visit for a couple of days to spend some time with the children, allthough Gaston helped me sew as well, mainly by decorating my sewing machine with pieces of tape...
The results will be introduced in my shop later today as I still have to take the pictures of my two new purses... Stay tuned!

Monday, 22 February 2010

My day Monday

Rose quartz
clockwise from top left: Katheyl, funchi, MGMart and mysticfibers.

It hasn't been very easy to blog lately, working on a tiny laptop and struggling to find the right keys on a French speaking keyboard....

My monday is almost over when I'm finaly posting this collection of pinks - that is how today was for me, all warm and sunny, smelling-of-spring kind of day.

And this past week I was featured in two Treasury lists - thank you, Kallia and seragun!

Monday, 15 February 2010

My day monday

Cockwise from top left:
Tomorrow is Carnival Tuesday and in Slovenia, where I grew up, people would always look forward to dressing up in costume and joining the processions and festivities, children and adults alike. We didn't know Halloween back then but for "Pust" or "Fasching", as they say in the German world, my mother would ask my brother and I what kind of costume we would like and then she would make them for us.
Carnival time is also a time of doughnuts and just as we were leaving Germany I took a picture of this lovely and colourful sellection of "Krapfen" at our local Augsburg bakery...

I will miss the Krapfen but I may have found an even tastier replacement - these yummy home made macarons from a charming little patisserie in Pontarlier, called Aux Petits Gourmands...

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Live, love, create!

The Loddelina bag in the picture is a special order I once made for a girl who wanted many colourful flowers on a large black velvet tote bag. I used little pompons and pieces of felt and attached them on the bag with colourful embroidery thread (unfortunately I can't show you any close-up pictures of the bag, it would take me weeks to find the right back-up CD at this moment...).

St. Valentine is supposed to bring first signs of spring, waking up the sleeping roots of plants and flowers.
So happy Valentine's day and I hope your spring is just around the corner!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

La campagne

These days I am writing from a village close to Besançon - we found temporary refuge in the house of my mother in law while we are looking for a new home. Most of our stuff is still in boxes so as much as I would like to start sewing again it will not be possible for at least a month.

In the meantime I'm trying to put some of my ideas on paper and use this time to tidy up my computer desktop, which is currently full of messy folders and photos, another example of my "creative disorder" lifestyle...

Since I still carry my little camera everywhere I go, I captured a couple of "moods" of the village just as the weather changed from sunny back to snowy and very cold.

But today I had a very good reason to dig up a few boxes from our pile of stuff - last night I sold a bag, my Love Peace Hope tote is already on it's way to a customer in New York City!
I managed to find all my labels and ribbons to make the tags; on one I wrote the care instructions and on another I attached a small gift, beaded bee that can be taken off and sewn onto a bag, piece of clothing or something else.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The shop has reopened!


Come on in,
Loddelina has reopened the shop!

The items will now be shipped from France - in this settling in period I ofer FREE shippment for every second, third, etc. item purchased.
As soon as I also reorganize my creative space, I will start working on some new designs - stay tuned...

Thank you for visiting!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Still here


What a week this has been!

The moving van (rather a small truck) has been booked weeks in advance but the orders got mixed up and we ended up with a much smaller cargo space than expected. We somehow managed to load it up, stuffing smaller items in every available spot and leaving lots of things behind - some we donated to a nearby second hand shop, some we left outside the house for passers-by (a common practice in Germany, like a free garage sale - those items that people still find useful will be taken within hours, even faster if you do it on a weekend...).

Our backs hurt from carrying boxes and boxes and boxes (I couldn't believe how much stuff a family of four accumulates in three years) and our hands are raw from cleaning, scrubbing, washing. Today, after a week of non stop action, the completely empty flat (we had to take out the entire kitchen and leave nothing but bare walls) has finally been given back to the owner. The release papers have been signed and tomorrow morning we leave our friendes, who have kindly let us stay at their place for these last crazy days, and drive towards France.

To be continued...
À suivre...

Monday, 1 February 2010

Instead of My day Monday - Trying something new

A coupple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to make her an iPhone cozy - so this is my attempt, a softly lined snug pocket, made from printed canvas. The flap is narrow enough to expose the earphone socket and it closes with a magnetic clasp.

I later learned that an iPhone is a bit thicker than an iPod touch which I was using to make the cozy pattern - so I ended up making another, slightly larger cozy for my friend...
It was fun trying out something new, I might consider offering some fresh items in my shop after it opens again.

Loddelina designs - since 2001

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