Thursday, 30 December 2010

Could you "like" this bunny?

Rachel from Lovely Clusters challenged us to spread the word and get as many people as possible to visit her beautiful web calatogue.
The goal is to get the most "likes" for a single item and I chose my Bella bunny wristlet to run the race for me. So far I have 21 people on Facebook liking the purse, which, thanks to a lovely Etsy customer, got sold just before Christmas. But my bunny keeps on running and with your help it can get closer to winning (the contest ends this Saturday).

So if you have a Facebook account and a like for bunnies, please click "like" under this listing. Thank you!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


New Year's inspirations, clockwise from top left: 2011 calender from camillebellet, zippers from zipit, buttons from dizzyizzysupplies and the inspiration jar from thedancingwren.

I'm back from family Christmas holidays in Slovenia;
I brought home some new sewing supplies, some fresh ideas and hopefully enough motivation to start working on some new designs for 2011!

But first I have to sort out the inevitable mess the house gets left in each time we go away for a long time - and then: sewing. The shop needs some more Valentine's day items and after that it's time for spring inspired bags.

Ready - reset - go!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

... says the song.

And on top of that I wish you a relaxing time with your family and friends - so we can all meet back here in ten days, with recharged batteries, tidy creative space and head full of fresh ideas!

I might not have time to post much in the next week so I leave you with some Christmas market images from our town Pontarlier (currently under 25 cm - 10" of fresh snow) with its charming little labyrinth of wooden stalls and rows of Christmas trees and from nearby city of Besançon with its giant wheel that attracts huge crouds every day.



Loddelina shop will be on vacation mode until 28th of December.
See you soon!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A giveaway at Tika's blog

I fell in love with Tika's colourful clay jars the moment I saw them and now she is offering to give away one of them to a lucky blog reader. Visit her blog, In Tika's garden and leave a comment for a chance of winning this beautiful multipurpose lidded jar; you can use it to store garlic, candy or light a candle in it.

Hurry up, deadline is December 18th!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday inspirations

New snow on juicy winter berries - a feast for hungry birds...

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Love is all around

I came across this lovely natural beige linen canvas and wanted to make some winter inspired zippered pouches out of it - yet it wouldn't talk Christmas to me...
Instead I felt like pairing it with cream lace trim, hearts and some words in cherry red embroidery.

Cheesy? Well, the Moon is made of cheese, right?

Two new Mia purses are now available in my shop.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas tree

Last week my children and I started to decorate our appartment - I pulled a big box, labled "Noël", out of the closet and they happily took out the ornaments one by one.

We wanted to make a Christmas tree but there isn't enough room in our flat so I decided to use a big fir tree branch that I took from my mother in law's garden (thanks, Michou!) and put it in a flower pot on top of our new side table; I wrapped its bottom end in a plastic bag, filled with moist paper so it stays fresh for as long as possible. Since the branch is too heavy to stand on it's own, I tied it's tip to a hook in the wall.
We didn't use many ornaments, soft little branches couldn't take much weight - but we are happy with the result.

Now we have to hang some twinkle lights and put presents under our tree!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The last two

First I want to thank Elisa from peskycatdesigns for being my Holiday Boot Camp buddy and congratulate her for completing the goal we set out to achieve together at the end of September - by today, December 1st, she added 60 new items in her shop, so almost one a day - excellent job!

I tried to follow her tempo for a while but lost speed after my 30th item or so. I spent all my free time sewing, even through naps instead of catching up on my sleep just at the time when caughing and sniffling childen started waking me up a few times a night.
I had to reset my mind, tidy up my work space and iron a mountain of laundry - and today I finished the last two zippered pouches, making my finishing line total of 34 items.

So here they are, the two new Mia purses, made from deep chocolate brown upholstery canvas and decorated with raw slik patches and freehand machine embroidered branches.

I hope they still catch some preholiday views and hearts; I set a deadline in my shop for international orders that need to be delivered on time for Christmas - the deadline is December 5th. So far I have had good experience with La Poste regarding shipping times to US, Canada or Australia and New Zealand, but one never knows.

So hurry up! :)

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