Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Slowly settling in...

I have missed blogging this past week and my regular posts will have to wait for another week or so until our internet gets connected...

...but in the meantime, while I enjoy a paper cup of coffee at the local wifi equipped fast food restaurant, here is a glimpse into our ever-moving-international-multi-language household:

While dissembling our furniture (which is mostly Ikea) my husband packed the screws, belonging to each piece of furniture, separately. This box contains the screws for our bed (le lit in french), Arno marked it screws because we mostly speak english to each other and to know which bed they are for, he put the word parents ("Eltern" in german).
As long as we all understand what's in the box...

Having Ikea furniture is very practical for a family on the move. We never know how much furniture we'll be able to put into a new appartment so assembling only two thirds of a large warderobe or fixing one cupboard on top of another for more space is a very welcome option. Also, when some pieces get damaged in transport, we don't stress too much - it was time to replace them anyway (not to mention the children wear&tear factor...)
I hope my next post will not take long,
have a great week!


  1. ..and Vahen reads now Wachen.. or where did the language of a small provice between Alps and Adriatic sea dissapear ?
    Nevertheless...if you would still live here you would see, that a nation of fruit cakes less would mean a progress in terms of Darwin's evolution. At least in you look at the members of our parlament, who were democraticaly elected..

  2. Pozdravljena nazaj!
    Sem se že spraševala, kam si poniknila :) - že kar pogrešam kakšne nove objave.
    Uf, tole tudi mene še čaka, ampak verjetno ne prej kot naslednje leto.

  3. Something tells me that Pozdravljena means greetings as there is a word in Polish that sounds very similar ( grew up hearing Polish from my parents but I was born in the US)

    In any case it is very nice to hear from you! Glad you were able to post a blog. You are definitely a multilingual household! Good luck with all your moving in. Have a great week as well!

  4. Who said that Slovene language isn't understood all over the world :)

  5. How funny :) we await your return!

  6. Good luck settling in - it sounds like you're very organized so assembly should be easy. We've moved many times and plastic zipper bags always hold our screws. : )


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