Friday, 14 August 2015

Back to school

Summer holidays are almost over, September is coming closer and Loddelina shop has reopened - with brand new pencil cases to start the new school year with.

They are one of a kind purses with handmade applique and freefoot embroidery, inspired by endless rows of trees by the north Italian highway on our way from France to Slovenia. The purses are 22 cm (8.5") long, 8 cm (3") tall and roomy enough to hold all your writing instruments. You can also use them as cosmetic pouches or small bridesmaid's clutches!

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Počitnice so skoraj pri koncu in septembra se začne novo šolsko leto, čas za novo peresnico! Peresnice so ročno povezene z motivi, ki so jih navdihnile neskončne ravne vrste dreves ob severno italijanski avtocesti na poti iz Francije v Slovenijo. Puščice so dolge 22 in visoke 8 cm, dovolj prostorne za pisala,  make up ali kot priročna večerna torbica.


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