Saturday, 10 April 2010

Free as a bird

My latest Pupa bag is called Free as a bird - another instant inspiration by the lovely metallic charms I purchased not long ago.

This one is made of black cotton denim and French jacquard in honey yellow that has a soft golden shimmer against the light. The front is adorned with a small bird cage charm and some freehand machine embroidery with cherry red shoulder straps and birds&flowers print in the bag's interior.

I love this bag so much I wanted to keep it but I guess it wouldn't be right so I'm setting it free - it is now available in my shop!


  1. Is that a little birdcage charm?! This bag is a beauty. Love the design and the machine stiched writing!

  2. Love the birdcage charm and the lovely machine stiched bird and writing. This bag is a beauty!!

  3. Opps, looks like my first comment went through as well. It did not show up at first so I wrote another one. In any case, I wanted to be sure that you knew how much I liked your new bag. :)

  4. Thanks Elisa, that means a lot! And it is a tiny birdcage charm, I love it so much I immediately ordered some more...


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