Monday, 19 April 2010

Inspirations: Besançon restaurants

This week I intended to add another batch of zipper pouches to my shop - the fabrics have all been cut out, the perfect zippers, trims and buttons chosen for each colour; but when I started sewing, my machine made a weird noise and all the stitches came out crooked. I tried changing the needle, oiling the machine, I checked the screws and the settings over and over again, but nothing helped. After I unravelled the stitches a few times (oh, how I hate doing that!) only to realise they will not look any better the second time, I gave up.

I will have to take my machine to a repair shop (I have to find one first) before I can list any new bags. In the meantime I can show you a couple of interesting crafting ideas and inspirations I came across on my walk around Besançon last week.

This metal frame for a restaurant menu board is covered in old pieces of cutlery - odd spoons, forks and knives can be always found in flea markets and once polished they make great accessories. There are many shops on Etsy specialising in finding new life to silverware, I especially like SpoonerZ.

And I like this wall display (also in a restaurant - it was lunch time, what can I say), made of simple wooden boxes, painted on the inside with cheerful colours and attached to the wall. The boxes contained leaflets, tourist guides, books and other interesting information to leaf through while waiting for the table.

I will be on a lookout for some more creative inspirations next week - I might even make it a regular blog post...


  1. I'm sure you do more sewing than me, but I think I'd cry if my machine broke. When my stitching gets messed up like that, it's usually something I did...not the machine!

  2. Wow, you spend a lot of time in restaurants! LOL Great finds. Love that unique menu board. I have a feeling the food in there was even more amazing.
    Sorry to hear about your machine. I know how frustrating that can be. Hope it gets repaired soon so you can get back to making all your pretty creations! :)

    BTW, I see it is 3PM your time on the clock on the left. Time for a snack perhaps. he he

  3. Skoraj sem že začela pisati po angleško, pa sem se spomnila, da si sorojakinja :), čeprav bi bilo čisto pametno glede na angleško govoreče obiskovalce.
    Vendar za prvič vseeno kar po domače:
    pred kratkim sem odkrila tvoj blog in mi je zelo všeč - torbice pa še bolj (imam že svojo favoritko).
    Torej - lep pozdrav iz Slovenije od blogerke-začetnice! :)

  4. What a nice idea - box wall!


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