Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Organizing my workspace

I have finally managed to tidy up my sewing corner. I was putting away the new supplies I have purchased recently and realized all of my stuff needs better organizing so I always know what I have to work with and can get inspired quickly - I was amazed at all the supplies I have "in stock" but they were so well hidden that I have already forgotten about them...

Following an advice I once came across in an Etsy forum I put all my ribbons and trims
in big glass jars where I can easily see them and at the same time they provide a nice decoration for my shelves (pictured is my lace trims jar). I organized all my metallic charms, hardware (magnet snaps, loops and split rings) and large beads in smaller glass containers (which we have plenty of thanks to our love of preserves!).

I keep smaller jars in a drawer but before starting a new project I can always take them out and arrange them on the table so I have a clear view of what I have to work with. At the moment I am making some new, smaller zipper pouches / pencil purses in warm and elegant autumn colours.

Stay tuned as I list the new items in my shop very soon!


  1. Oh Damjana, if you only would know how much time I did spent in checking out boxes for for supplies! I never remembered where I put stuff and forgot half of it! Till I did what you did: store everything in glass jars - beads, buttons, lace, ribbons, snaps, small embellishments, even zippers - and this made life in my workroom so much easier! I had extra shelves put up and I am much more organized now - and as you said: it looks pretty too!
    Can't wait to see your new bags!

  2. I have all of my buttons and notions either in a shoebox(all of my ribbon) or in ziploc snack bags (the buttons, sequins, etc). I think the jars are MUCH cuter!

  3. love the jar idea! I've got a wall of dressers so I've got my things in the drawers but some would work much better in jars! I keep my spools of thread in a big ziploc bag so I can see them. just trying to stay tidy and organized is a full time job! :)

  4. You have inspired me to organize my studio. I love the fact that you use things you already have in your home. Very eco-friendly. I also love jam so now I know what I will do with my empty jars. :)

    Can't wait to see your autumn inspired creations!


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