Monday, 30 August 2010

New custom work

I have just finished listing another Mia zippered pouch in my Etsy shop - this time I used charcoal grey wool tweed, some purple red embroidery thread and a brass charm in the shape of small scissors.
The idea of the scissors cutting through "fil rouge" came from my children who are always interrupting my train of thought, sometimes with questions but often with just a "mama, look at me!"

Mia zippered pouch "fil rouge"

The pouch is lined with plaid fabric in matching colours for a bit of autumn feel...

This weekend I was also working on a custom order. Sophie from Australia wanted me to make a Mia pouch very much like the chocolate brown one with lace and leafy trim but with some added colour. A few convos and a couple of photo sketches later she chose the combination with ruby red silk and chocolate brown zipper.
(The sketch and the final result don't match in colour that well because they were taken at different times of day but you get the picture)...

The sketch

Custom made purse for Sophie


  1. oh-la-la! I likey =) Thanks for the adorable postcard sweet friend! You're so kind!

  2. Lovely Damjana! I like especially the one for Sophie!

  3. Two very pretty pouches! Love the addition of the scissor charm. Very whimsical!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead Damjana! :)

  4. Luštni, všeč so mi te tvoje torbičke. Vsi premišljeno dodani detajlčki jih delajo posebne, enkratne.

  5. How lovely! Great work! Cheers from Argentina, Sil


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