Thursday, 16 June 2011

Custom work

I finished my special order and sent it to its new home today. It is another version of Leelou bag, small satchel made from black denim and golden upholstery jacquard.
Instead of cotton webbing, I used the same fabric to make bag's adjustable strap and finished the warm look with a cream coloured ric rac trim and a piece of lace.

Thursday is also farmer's market day and this time of year stalls are full of young onions and fresh garlic, bound in beautifull small bouquets. I bought one just for decoration because I rarely use fresh garlic in my cooking (I prefer dried one; it has less "side effects" and gives the same aroma to dishes...).

And here is our Pontralier with its windows & shutters ...

... including my window with two recently planted boxes of zinnias.


  1. Hvala, Sonja - na prvi sliki nosim tvoj obesek :)

  2. Sweet bag with such wonderful details!

    And as always, I love getting a glimpse of your town. :)


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