Tuesday, 14 June 2011

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What has been going on in Loddelina studio lately, you ask?

Well, there was a trip to the nearest IKEA, purely essential purchases, of course :)
The skies over Dijon were just amazing that morning, beautiful puffy clouds made it very hard to keep our eyes on the road.

And back home, it was time to reorganize my working space and replace the old drawer unit with a new, shiny creamy white one that matches the sewing table (when it is not completely covered with stuff).
It might not look like much to you but to me it is super tidy and it made me start on a new project straight away!

So this new project is a special order, a remake of my Leelou "Free as a bird" satchel, this time with cream white trim and lace accents.

Next weekend we are keepping our fingers crossed for some nice, windy weather so we can try out our new kite - bought at the kite festival in Pontarlier...


  1. Hi Damjana, a lovely little place you have - yes and I know, how it is with the tidy workroom... I clean up after each project and tend to my sewing machine, but while I am on to one - oh really there is always a HUGE mess! I am each time to excited with what I sew and I have no patience to be orderly - I take out the fabrics, choose some to use and never put the rest back immediately - neatly folded?, no way!!! Thread pieces and scraps are thrown on the floor, and I just work happily along - when the bag or whatever it is I make is finished - I take a deep breath, smile with satisfaction - and clean up!

    I discovered that I have exactly the same Bernina like you - and I love that machine dearly, it is my best friend!!! It was bought in Mountain View in California at The Quilting Bee - they had a birthday special with a third down the price - that was twenty years ago and the machine is working like new till today, I had never any repair done!
    Have a good day dear!

  2. I have the same drawer unit and it's also under my sewing table - which is also from IKEA. :) What would we do without IKEA?

    Your sewing space is lovely and bright.

    Mine is tidy now because I've not been sewing recently but have just started again and it will soon be swamped with fabrics. I'm like Yael - make a mess as I go and leave it.

  3. Thank you, Yael :)

    I love my Bernina, it was proposed to me by my cousin who told me she uses it to sew through almost any fabric, even leather, and considers it a tractor among sewing machines... I also like its name since my last and dearest dog was a bernese mountain dog, hehe.

    Happy sewing and a wonderful day to you!

  4. Here's to the creative mess, ladies!

  5. Isn't it nice to start again with a clean and tidy desk. I always plan to keep it that way but it doesn't stay for long. Thanks for your visit, I love your blog and the the bags you make! I sahll visit often..
    many greetings, Frieda


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