Friday, 15 July 2011

A real challenge

I finished another custom work yesterday, a fabric compendium that can hold a standard A4 note pad, two BlackBerry devices, some pens and business cards.
To even make this stiff structured item that would hold all the contents safely inside, I had to purchase some super strong double sided fusible that Lisa, the amazing writer of U-handbag blog suggested to me.

The colours, materials and embroidery followed this Loddelina zippered pouch, the only thing I had to figure out was the right dimensions for all the pockets and how to sew everything together including the strong interfacing and magnetic clasps closing the folded compendium.

Making this item was quite a challenge for my handbag oriented mind, but like any challenge it gave me new ideas for future projects and, hopefully, taught me new skills to bring them to life.

::  ::  ::   have a great weekend   ::  ::  ::  


  1. Wow, what an amazing new work! I absolutely love all the details you included. I am sure the person receiving this custom order will be thrilled!

  2. And you did a wonderful task Damjana! It came out marvelous! Thumbs up to you! Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Thank you, dear friends,
    have a creative start of the new week!

  4. Super si izvedla tole! Ne razumem pa povsem, kako deluje super strong double sided fusible... Za ojačanje materiala?


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