Thursday, 7 July 2011

Work in progress

Very slow progress, but still...

In between nursing my son's broken elbow (hopefully it is not really broken but it has to rest in a cast for a whole week) and entertaining Gaston, who can't ride a bike, draw, climb outside in the playground, or sleep very well at night (due to the same annoying cast, stretching from shoulder to thumb), I am working on a custom order. It is a larger version of my Pippa blue corduroy bag and so far I have finished the front embroidery, all I have left is deciding where to sew the buttons.

I should have more news from my studio next week; if you want a closer update, follow me on Twitter - I have finally opened my account, find me HERE or click on the little blue bird in the sidebar...

Tweet you soon!


  1. I love that combination of sky blue corduroy and the appliques/embroidery. Very pretty!

    Hope your son's elbow heals very soon!

  2. I'm looking forward to see it alive :)
    That lovely bag is for me :)

    Happy, happy :)))

    Thank you, Damjana!

    Wish that Gaston will be soon O.K.

  3. Ajoj, nooo, kaj ste pa počeli?? Pa saj vem, da se pri mulčkih hitro zgodi. Upam, da bo čimprej Ok.
    Ooo, glej, da z dostavo Tiki počakaš, da jo še jaz prej vidim :) Te moram prej zvabit na kavo :)


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