Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New in my shop

I am so happy to be back at my sewing station that I already listed three new items in my shop since we came back from vacation last weekend!
Three items might not seem much but to me it is quite an achievement, considering all the unpacking, tidying the flat and a huge pile of laundry we had to take care of first (and I mean "we", thanks, honey, for helping :)

So here they are, a new Maia zippered purse (with a slightly revisited design from last autumn, there will be more to come) and two tiny house brooches. It was a lot of fun making these, especially the one with fairy lights; do you think I should make more for the coming Christmas season?

 Grey and burnt orange with creamy white lace and embroidery

There's a party next door!

Closing of the little house once I have stuffed it with soft and light plant fibre filling...

Enjoy the rest of your week, more Etsy news coming soon!


  1. Wonderful new creations! And yes to making more key chains for the Christmas season. The lights are a perfect touch.

    Have fun sewing and have a great week my friend!

  2. Lovely bag and sweet houses! And yes, definitely make some Christmas houses! It is nice to see you enjoying your creativity Damjana!

  3. That lovely pouch looks soo familiar..... hmmmm :)

  4. Thank you, friends :)
    Fallon, how is that pouch serving you? I hope you are not too hot in the desert...


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