Sunday, 11 September 2011

My workspace

Today is a Loddelina Sunday so I am busy cutting fabric and preparing everything for my day of sewing. So far I have a neighbourhood of little house brooches in the works and I might relax a little in front of the TV later in the afternoon while I sew the brooches shut.
If time premits I also have a new hipster bag all cut out and ready to assemble...

And this is the latest addition to my shop, small money purse, made from chocolate brown wool cloth and embroidered with mustard yellow thread.

Have a great Sunday wherever you are!

* * *         * * *         * * *
Update: several hours later my little house brooches are almost finished (I have to sew a pin in the back of each one) - hopefully I can add most of them to my shop tomorrow...


  1. Love your purse! Good luck with all the houses :)

  2. Super kjut hiške, so mi presenetljivo všeč tudi bolj jesenske kombinacije. Moja-tvoja je še vedno redno v uporabi :)


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