Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A very sweet swap

So far I have found only a handfull of Etsy shops, owned by fellow Slovenian artists, but we keep discovering each other through comments on our blogs or in Etsy forums. I found Saša from Tika Ceramics through Sonja's blog and I instantly became a fan of her beautiful ceramic dishes, cookie jars and oil burners. When we started emailing eachother she mentioned she likes my handbags and that is how we decided to do a swap!

Pippa Grande in sky blue corduroy with applique, buttons and embroidery

We met during my summer holidays in Slovenia (it was all in a bit of a hurry so unfortunately there was no time for a picture) and exchanged the goodies. I made Saša a larger version of my sky blue corduroy Pippa bag ...

...and in return she gave me this beautiful lidded cookie vessel, adorned with birds, imprints of handmade lace and delicately painted.

Saša also gave me a small handmade ceramic pendant (which I will model another time and post a picture!) and I really hope we have a chance to meet again soon. 

If you want to see what Saša aka Tika is creating next or to know more about the beautiful part of Slovenija she is from, check out her blog, Tikin svet.


  1. Thank you for this post.
    I love your awasome bag :)
    It is so beautifully made!
    It was so nice to meet you
    and your lovely family :)

  2. Oh you two ladies are very lucky! What a gorgeous swap!:)

  3. Beautiful bag and cookie jar! Two lucky ladies indeed!

  4. Yes, a wonderful bartering! I has a look at this pottery store - very pretty things I saw there!!!
    May your cookie jar always be filled with tasty and yummy munchies!

  5. Super swap :) Me veseli, da sta se našli dve tako simpatični ustvarjalki.


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