Thursday, 1 December 2011


Last night I was up till one finishing my double advent calendar for the children. Papa Arno made the light wooden frame (90x130cm, 35x51") with screwed in metalic hooks on which we strung a simple white cord to make 24 intersections. Children helped me make the tags and when they went to bed in the evening, I added two sets of red paper bags with small presents inside, attached with red polkadot ribbon for Lily and brown for Gaston.

I didn't grow up with this tradition but always found it fun for the small children who have a hard time waiting for Christmas (my son has been asking me about it since his birthday in September...). With this simple countdown tool they will discover a little surprise every morning of this holiday season.

Have a nice Thursday and don't forget, Loddelina December newsletter will be out this weekend, there is still time to subscribe and get fresh news about new items and shop promotions!


  1. What a lovely Advent calendar!!!!
    My Mom is German and we always had Advent calendars during my childhood, they were lovely winter sceneries with lots of snow and enchanted villages... I even had one that was a 3D house! I've kept them all! :)

  2. Lovely!!

    My mom would buy us an Advent calendar every year with pretty little homes that had windows and doors you could open to retrieve a little chocolate goodie. :)

  3. O kar predstavljam si kako so jima svetile učke. Krasna ideja.

  4. Annuk & Elisa, I was tempted to buy a chocolate calendar/house, I found some great ones on etsy but decided to make it myself so there can be other treats inside such as lollypops, small toys and colourful stickers (kids love stickers, parents a bit less because children start sticking them all over the house...).

    They opened their second bag today and the rest of the bags have been thoroughly inspected by little fingers, trying to guess what is inside... In one of the bags there is "Nothing!" according to Gaston, but in fact there is a "movie ticket" to watch a brand new DVD they haven't seen before. One has to be resourcefull :)


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