Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Vibrant colours for spring

I have added two new PUPA shoulder bags to my shop recently, both made from gorgeous, shimmering chenille upholstery fabrics that I purchased during my visit to Slovenia (I could only bring back a few smaller pieces since I was traveling by plane - next car trip I will definitely get some more).

PUPA bag is a classic Loddelina design in soft, roomy shape, with a decorative and very handy zipper pocket in the back (for phone or coin purse) plus a new feature, a key holding swivel hook on a long strap that allows you to unlock your front door without even taking your bag off the shoulder!

Bags are decorated with a large starfish applique in corduroy that I freehand embroidered and shoulder straps are made from multicoloured striped canvas.

The sky is grey these days and the rain doesn't seem to stop so a bit of bright colour is just what the doctor ordered!

Živahne barve za pomlad

V mojo trgovino sem dodala dve malhasti torbi PUPA, narejeni iz sočne šenilje, ki je sicer namenjena oblazinjanju pohištva. Pupa je mehka in prostorna torba za na ramo, ki ima na zadnju strani dekorativen in zelo uporaben žep za telefon ali denarnico. Na notranji je novost, kaveljček za ključe na dolgem traku - tako lahko vhodna vrata odklenete, ne da bi torbo snele z rame.

Torbe krasi našita morska zvezda iz rebrastega žameta, ki je po vrhu prostoročno povezena, in večbarvne črtaste naramnice.


  1. They are so bright and vibrant! Wonderful!!!

    1. Thank you, Annuk, I hope your spring is warmer and sunnier than ours :)

  2. Damjana the bags are beautiful, the colors fresh and joyful - and your sewing is perfect!
    Wonderful work, very practical bags! I love the striped handles! :-)

  3. Thank you, dear friend, wishing you a colourful spring!


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