Monday, 17 March 2014


A long time has passed since my last post, there was some sad personal business to attend to and before I knew it, the spring had sprung!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook know that we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather these past two weeks and when spring calls, I answer! That means spending lots of time outdoors, eating lunch on the terrace, planning the new gardening season and keeping our cat Luna out of mischief (she likes to play in our neighbour's flower bed and explores their garage every time it stays open for two minutes).

I haven't felt like sewing these past few months but I couldn't stay away from my creative space for long. This past weekend, inspired by Apartment Therapy post, I tried making a bird mobile. I made my composition simpler to fit the corner of our living room and I decided to paint my birds in grey ombré...

I hope to be back with new Loddelina projects soon, if anything can get you in the mood for creating, it's Mother Nature's own creations!

Have a wonderful spring!

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Dolgo je že od mojega zadnjega javljanja, vmes sem imela nekaj žalostnih osebnih opravkov, medtem pa je v deželo prišla pomlad in že dva tedna uživamo v krasnem, toplem soncu. To pomeni, da več časa preživljam zunaj, z otroki kosimo na terasi, načrtujemo novo vrtnarsko sezono in čuvamo, da muca Luna ne zaide v težave - zelo rada namreč raziskuje sosedov vrt in garažo... 
Za bolj ažurna javljanja me lahko spremljate na Facebooku ali Instagramu, obljubim, da se kmalu oglasim z novimi Loddelininimi kreacijami.

Lepo pomlad želim vsem!

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  1. Damjana, I am really glad to see you and I hope all is good or at least better now. One of our cats which we have for almost 13 years is called Luna too! :-)


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