Friday, 27 February 2015

New warderobe for Giuseppina

My little girl, now 6, doesn't play much with dolls - she gets them mostly as birthday presents from friends; skinny Barbies and scary Monster High dolls that end up forgotten in a drawer. But two Christmases ago my mother gave her a small Götz doll, much more natural looking, with long hair, perfect for braiding, and sleeping eyes. The 27 cm doll, called Giuseppina, came with a simple summer attire, so I made her a little "evening" dress - I found some tiny doll dress patterns online and improvised a lot.

A year has passed and now, during winter school break, my daughter asked me to make more dresses for her doll - after all, she will need new warderobe for the coming spring!
I made two cotton dresses (first one a bit wobbly but the second one much improved) and a "school" dress, made from cool wool cloth - the sleeves were sewn in by hand, I just couldn't get the tiny dress to fit under my sewing machine foot.

The last (so far) item from Giuseppina's new warderobe is a jacket. I recently bought a bag of mixed metallic zippers on sale and some of them were really short. I was wondering what I could possibly use the super short pink split zipper for - well, who knew it was perfect for doll wear!

Have a nice weekend!

Joži (Giuseppina) dobi novo garderobo - malo improvizacije, nekaj krojev, najdenih na internetu (punčka je velika 27 cm, zato sem rokavce šivala na roko), pomaga tudi, če publika ni preveč zahtevna, pa kar gre. Lažje kot šivati za suhljato barbiko... Zaenkrat sem scoprala večerno oblekico, dve spomladanski, eno "za v šolo" iz tanke volnene tkanine in jaknico, za katero sem uporabila kratko deljeno zadrgo (ta se je slučajno znašla v vreči ostankov na razprodaji zadrg).  Lep vikend vsem!

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