Thursday, 16 July 2009

Gaston's favourites

I only have two nights left to pack for our holiday and I'm putting together some toys to take with us (at the end they might get completely ignored and those left behind will be the most wanted, but that's life...).
But one thing I know for sure - I musn't forget my 3 year old son's painting kit. He loves to watercolour and this is his palette (or what's left of it). I only now noticed how he has used some colours more than others. He seems to prefer greens, blues and deep red-brown hues but for some reason avoids yellow, orange and purple. The winner is by far the colour black. It is, like the Monty Python say "no more".


  1. I think your son will have to paint with a new color palette on his vacation. Hopefully it will be warm and sunny so he can use plenty of yellow! Enjoy your trip and all the best. :)

    PS I always travel with my watercolors as well. Blue is first to go!

  2. Thanks, Elisa! I already bought him a new pallete, the old one I'm keeping as a souvenir...
    We travel to France (to visit one of the grandmothers), so far it looks like a warm-sunny-cold-rainy weather, has been like that for some time now.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love that he enjoys watercolors and painting so much. I'm sure you provide him with a lot of inspiration.


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