Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Got-everything? messenger bag

After designing Ma-ma zipper pouch for nappy changing necessities (see earlier posts) it was time for Mama to get her own messenger bag.  A bag just for me and my most basic stuff: it has a metalic hook to fasten my keys, an interior zippered pocket for documents, a padded compartment for my cell phone and another one with a velcro closing flap for my ixus. Next to it is yet another small interior compartment that holds a lip gloss and a pen. 
On the back side is a zippered pocket for my tram ticket and a small sewing tape measure plus another zippered pocket, hidden under the flap in the front (the flap closes securely with two magnetic snaps).
I've used the same fabric as for my Ma-ma pouch, a printed cotton canvas from IKEA - I've seen it used by quite a few Etsy sellers but for some reason people are reluctant to give it's source. Well, the beautiful floral pattern was designed by Linda Svensson.


  1. Just love this bag! Why arnt you selling on Etsy?!

  2. Aaaaaaghhh, I AM preparing the pictures, making the banner and writing the texts but it takes more time than I thought ... I'm going away on holiday next week and the laptop goes with me - so keep your fingers crossed that I launch the shop soon!

  3. LOVE this! I think it will be a best seller. :)

  4. Any more macho designs available ?
    A bit afraid to be labeled as homos.. just because of wearing too girlie mes-bag. ;-)

  5. Well, at least you're not a complete bag-o-phobic like most men... Stay tuned and I will come up with a more "macho" design!


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