Sunday, 5 July 2009

New: Ma-ma zipper pouch

Being a mom of two small children I got fed up with always having to carry around my big diaper/nappy bag whenever I left home for more than an hour. Yes, they can hold a lot of stuff, from nappies and bibs to extra clothes, milk bottles and snacks, but the bag just got too heavy for me to carry around in search of the changing station, with a toddler in my arms. 

So I designed this practical Ma-ma zipper pouch, just big enough to hold a coupple of spare nappies, a packet of wet wipes and some barrier cream. Its interior pocket can hold a toy or a small book to keep your baby busy while you change him. You can strap the pouch around your waist and carry the baby safely in your arms; store it in your diaper bag or hang it from the baby stroller when you are not using it. 
The pouch is 24 cm/9.5 inch wide and 28 cm/11 inch high with a removable strap 30 cm/12 inch around. The zipper is decorated with a porcelain bead on a leather string.

I will offer the Ma-ma zipper pouch in my Etsy shop soon - so keep following my posts!


  1. These are a great idea and beautiful as well!

  2. cool pouches! Thanks for stoppin by the doll farm and leaving kind words!



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