Thursday, 27 August 2009

A lovely package for Sam (part 1)

A while ago I've signed up for a lovely package exchange organised by Danni at Oh, Hello Friend. I've just posted some of the pictures of my package on Flickr, keeping the contents a secret since it hasn't arrived at it's destination yet...

My assigned partner was Sam, a young girl from Oxfordshire, UK, who is training to be a florist and loves country garden themes, soft colours and floral prints. I've found a couple of pretty things I hope she will like and "wrapped" them the way I know best - as a purse. I sewed a pocket just big enough to fit the present, using beige linen-viscose blend for the outside and black cotton for the inside of the pocket. I then carefully sewed fabric rose petals all over the pocket - I have bought a box of them as home decoration a long time ago, I knew they would come handy one day... To hide the stitches on the rose petals in top row, I sewed a piece of golden lace along the rim and added an elastic loop that goes around the button.

It was a race against time to finish the package before the evening got too dark for outside photography - in all the rush I forgot to take a picture of the protective wrapping the purse was put in... Maybe Sam will take one for me when she gets her present. She loves photography and has an amazing Flickr album.
There's another lovely package exchange in December - I will be sure to participate again!


  1. I love the purse you made for your package exchange! How creative and beautiful! What a wonderful and thoughtful idea for a florist in training.
    Now I will have to go to flickr and see your gifts. :)

  2. Very nice, thoughtful and creative! Theres no way she won't Love it =)


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