Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Odd socks

Looking through some old back-up CDs of pictures (what a mess, now I put everything on external HD) I came across this illustration-riddle I once made for a children's magazine in Slovenia. It was about a sock that gets lost in the washing machine and now children have to point out the one that's missing a pair.

I've made quite a lot of these illustrations straight after college, while I was trying to earn some money (there is no money in illustration) and figure out what I can do with my diploma in fashion design. Soon after Loddelina was born and I started expressing myself through sewing but never stopped loving to draw. Perhaps I can join these two passions in my future work - I'm already making some sketches...

And by the way, there was no great money in designing handbags, either. So I ended up being a journalist and writing about fashion and lifestyle. I have gained tons of experience and met my husband through work. Can't complain!

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  1. Great Illustration. Had me looking for the lone sock. Earning money in the arts is difficult. Keep up with your artistic passions and dreams. You never know where they may lead you and most important is that you enjoy what you are doing! :)


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