Monday, 31 August 2009

Package from Sam arrived today!

Thank you, Mr Postman, you have made my day!

A lovely package from Sam arrived this morning and I couldn't wait to get a spare moment to take some pictures before opening it. Even the envelope looked tempting but once it was opened I could smell the sweet scent of lavander (I have mentioned to Sam that it was one of my favourites...).

The little envelope with my name on it (I love the butterfly and bird stamps!) contained a card from Sam and some lavender blossoms came pouring out. With every little package I got more excited, they were so pretty I almost didn't want to open them in fear of damaging the wrapping.

Thank you, Sam, for the lovely earrings, a piece of yummy lavender soap, a sweet notebook, amazing little note cards, a flower shaped candle, pretty vanilla zig-zag trim and two lovely scented bags (they will go straight into my warderobe!).
I have posted a few of these pictures on Flickr - check our some other amazing packages from the exchange participants!


  1. That is one beautiful package - and such pretty things.

  2. This is just lovely! So much care and thought was put into this package. :)


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