Monday, 30 November 2009

A tiny bag for a tiny girl

The bag is 18 cm wide and 21 cm high (7 x 8 inch) with 8 cm (3 inch) wide bottom and 28 cm (11 inch) handles.

I've finished a custom order today, a tiny little tote for a baby girl. Baby's aunt, a nice Turkish mama I've met at the kindergarten, wanted a really small and cute tote for Eylem Naz, who was born two months prematurely, weighing only half of what a healthy newborn is supposed to weigh.
So I've embroidered the baby's name in deep pink on a pale dusty pink linen-viscose blend and added a butterfly in multicoloured thread. For the lining I used a vibrant rose print to add some colour.

Eylem Naz is now past her official birth date and is growing bigger every day. For now she might use her bag to keep an extra pacifier - and later, who knows. Girls never need a reason for a new handbag.


  1. This tote is just the sweetest! I can tell you put a lot of thought and care into creating this lovely bag. I am sure Eylem and her mother are going to love their custom order! :)

  2. What a cute tote, Damjana!
    My ornament arrived yesterday. I love it! Thank you, Thank you!!!
    Hope you like yours when it gets to you.

  3. Rada spremljam tvoj blog, vedno pokažeš kaj lepega. Kaj takega, kar bi si želela tudi sama izdelati in se s ponosom podpisati pod izdelek.
    Torbica v malo večji izvedbi bi super pasala tudi k moji poletni garderobi.. bi jo že prilagodla, če bi bilo treba.
    Tudi deklica bo torbice še hudo vesela, ko malo zraste in začne uživati v malih dekliških skrivnostih, ki jih skriješ v takle zaklad :)

  4. Hvala, Sonja!
    Že malo razmišljam o poletju in mi gredo neke rožice po glavi, pa se moram najprej osredotočiti na selitev...
    A šivalni stroj gre z mano in tona blaga, trakcev, gumbov, sukancev... tudi!

  5. so sweet!

    butterflies are my favorite--and when theyre embroidered I go crazy!



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