Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bloggers ornament exchange 2009 - update

My ornament exchange partner Donna of Brynwood Needleworks has already received her ornament (wow, that was fast, five working days from Germany to Florida!) so this post won't spoil the surprise. I can't wait to get her handmade creation...

I was glad to take part in this exchange (you can see more participants HERE), it was great fun designing a simple, but elegant christmas ornament. I wanted to make more of them and offer them in my shop in sets of two, that is why I asked my blog readers to help me decide which messages to put on (thanks for your help, the winners were joy and peace).

But I have been so distracted lately, the news that has been official for some time has only now reached the top of my mental to-do list: early next year we are moving to France!
I will tell you more details when I start the serious preparations for our move; at the moment I am dealing with the boring stuff, like cancelling all sorts of contracts and notifying everybody about our departure. The day after tomorrow we leave for a 10-day visit to Slovenia and in the second half of December we will try to enjoy our last Christmas season in Augsburg.

Moving with the whole family is a stressful business but I am looking forward to making a home on a more permanent location and settling down with my husband - five years, four appartments, three countries and two children later it is the right time...


  1. Very nice ornament! I sent out 8 ornaments for exchanges yesterday :) I can't wait to get the mail everyday just hoping I get one in return !

  2. Hello! I'm taking part to the 2009 Bloggers Ornament Exchange by Beki too! Just wanted to tell you I love this ornament you made! I'm so disappointed with myself I didn't made it to create something myself for my swap partner this time... Still I hope she'll like what I bought for her! That was fun!

    Ciao from Italy and congrats for your work!


  3. I LOVE my ornament!!! Can't tell you how much...
    Thank you so much!

    Could you tell me where you have your labels made? I love that they're woven and not printed. Much more elegant.

    Thanks again, my soon-to-be France blog friend. How exciting!

  4. Thank you!
    Donna, I got the labels quite some years ago from a company in Slovenia, where I started my Loddelina brand. To get a decent price per piece, I had to order 4 boxes of 500!
    With so many breaks in my activity I'm only halfway through the first box...

  5. Wow, how soft and lovely! It's gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful ornament! Love the snowflake on the back. These will be a lovely addition to your shop as well.
    How exciting to be able to live in so many different places! I know moving can be stressful though. Wishing you a wonderful time in Slovenia and all the best with your move. :)

  7. Oh this is sooo pretty!
    Hugs from Italy!


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