Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Finally spring!

It was before Christmas that I was already fed up with winter. Now, three months later, it seems the old lady (she is feminine where I come from) is finally packing her bags. The temperatures are reaching comfortable 15° C during the day and lovely saffron crocuses are popping up everywhere - soon the other spring flowers will follow...

Last week Loddelina ended up on the Front Page again, thanks to Kallia, whose treasury lists are always so artistically curated. This time she chose romantic spring pastels and soft textures - thank you for including my little bee!

And thank you Liat from BoydemTreasures and Petra from MamiMadeIt for including me in these gorgeous treasuries!


  1. We have the same flowers in the garden--it's about time! :-)

  2. Congrats on your FP! I saw it live!

    What lovely flowers. None here yet. I will just have to look at your photo and day dream. :)

  3. We will be in the 80's next week :) Those flowers are so pretty!


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