Friday, 12 March 2010

Flashback Friday


A look back at Loddelina beginnings...
The picture was taken when I was six and a half, enjoying a family vacation in Croatia. My mother made me this short summer dress in soft torquise blue terry cloth and my father brought the leather shoulder bag with printed flowers from one of his foreign business travels.
The original photo was printed on matt paper so the image was not very sharp to begin with. But you can see the smile on my face, showing I was proud of my first real handbag - and the huge inflatable swim ring on my shoulder proves that it took me another year or so to fully learn how to swim...
It was Fallon's Sweet Fancy blog where I first saw this great weekly feature. If you want to play along, link your flashback over at Christopher and Tia.


  1. Totally cute! I am curious as to the shoes on your feet! They are hard to see... but look cool!

  2. Just proves you were "stylin'" even as a child! Love the photo. Makes me smile.

  3. Hi, Nen,
    those look like my red leather sandals. Torquise and coral red, a perfect combination!
    I wasn't so bold in matching colours later as a teenager, I would wear black and grey a lot but which teenager doesn't...

  4. Look at how cute you are! I just love that photo!

  5. The cuteness!!

    Your mom made that dress? Theres something so special about handmade/homemade things from our childhood.


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