Friday, 26 March 2010

Flashback Friday

I have almost erased this picture from my camera the day it was taken, it is blurry and you can hardly see my face because of the harsh back light - but today, six years later, I'm glad I kept this souvenir of spring 2004.

That was the year I met my boyfriend, now husband. It was him that took the picture when he came from France during Easter break to visit me in Slovenia for the first time (we have met on Malta a month before, long story, perhaps next time...).
I am standing in front of my desk I used to draw at and cut fabric on and I can't believe how tidy it is (no doubt I tried to impress my boyfriend!). On the far left are my pens and paint brushes and on the far right of the photo stands a cookie jar of doggie treats for my hairy flatmate, Zuza.

A spacious, tidy working desk is now a distant memory. But at least I kept the photo...

Want to play along? Link your flashback over to Christopher and Tia blog.


  1. A pretty girl in a pretty (and insanely tidy) workspace :)

  2. what a nice workspace, huge desk, huge window, space for yourself :) And you are a very pretty woman

  3. I think that's a great picture!

  4. What a great picture! You look so pretty and happy. You must be really glad you did not erase it. Wow, 6 years does not seem like a long time but so much has happened since that time for you! :)

  5. What a wonderful photo and what a noce story behind it :)

  6. Oh I like this photo.

    (I also met my now-husband in 2004)

  7. What a fantastic photo!! Glad you kept it, too. =D

  8. Woah! The cleanest work space of all time! Your man was probably planning the wedding the moment he took this picture:o)


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