Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas tree

Last week my children and I started to decorate our appartment - I pulled a big box, labled "Noël", out of the closet and they happily took out the ornaments one by one.

We wanted to make a Christmas tree but there isn't enough room in our flat so I decided to use a big fir tree branch that I took from my mother in law's garden (thanks, Michou!) and put it in a flower pot on top of our new side table; I wrapped its bottom end in a plastic bag, filled with moist paper so it stays fresh for as long as possible. Since the branch is too heavy to stand on it's own, I tied it's tip to a hook in the wall.
We didn't use many ornaments, soft little branches couldn't take much weight - but we are happy with the result.

Now we have to hang some twinkle lights and put presents under our tree!


  1. It's beautiful! That's exactly what I would want, too.

  2. It is really really sweet and lovely Damjana!

  3. How festive. You have beautiful ornaments! Tres jolie!

  4. I knew you could come up with a great creative solution to a small space. This is so pretty and elegant!! I think it is even better than a large tree. And the ornaments looks perfect!


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