Saturday, 20 November 2010

A fresh look

I finished another Pippa shoulder bag today and the winter sky was kind enough to let me take some pictures by the natural light.

I set up my photo shoot (using a piece of dark khaki paper for the background) on our beautiful old-new side table, a little DIY project from last weekend.

The IKEA side table with two drawers used to stand in our kitchen but in our new appartment there is no room for it any more. Since the table had a bit of water damage on top (from our tricky expresso machine) and the wood had turned yellow in some places, it needed a thorough sanding after which I repainted it in a brighter, pastel shade of pale aqua.

The picture doesn't show it but the day was very windy and my paint was drying faster than I would have wanted so the table ended with an uneven coat of paint and many little imperfections - it gives it a sort of distressed vintage look so I'm quite pleased with the result.

The table now stands in our living room, next to the children's corner and I hope it remains neat and tidy for as long as it's humanly possible...

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Your latest Pippa bag is very pretty! Love the color/pattern/texture combo.
    Your home looks beautiful and inspiring. Great job on the cart. It now has a french country look. ;)

  2. Love your new bag!
    And yaay for DIY projects :D

  3. Čudovita barvna kombinacija torbice, luštno pogledat.
    Kje najdeš čas za barvanje miz ob dveh mulčkih in šivanju mi pa res ni jasno :)) Pridna..


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