Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The last two

First I want to thank Elisa from peskycatdesigns for being my Holiday Boot Camp buddy and congratulate her for completing the goal we set out to achieve together at the end of September - by today, December 1st, she added 60 new items in her shop, so almost one a day - excellent job!

I tried to follow her tempo for a while but lost speed after my 30th item or so. I spent all my free time sewing, even through naps instead of catching up on my sleep just at the time when caughing and sniffling childen started waking me up a few times a night.
I had to reset my mind, tidy up my work space and iron a mountain of laundry - and today I finished the last two zippered pouches, making my finishing line total of 34 items.

So here they are, the two new Mia purses, made from deep chocolate brown upholstery canvas and decorated with raw slik patches and freehand machine embroidered branches.

I hope they still catch some preholiday views and hearts; I set a deadline in my shop for international orders that need to be delivered on time for Christmas - the deadline is December 5th. So far I have had good experience with La Poste regarding shipping times to US, Canada or Australia and New Zealand, but one never knows.

So hurry up! :)


  1. It was my pleasure to be your boot camp buddy Damjana! And remember, I do not have two children who need my attention and love so it was much easier for me to reach my goal. I think you did quite well yourself and deserve lots of praise. Since you made 34 then that is more than one every other day. Bravo! And what beautiful pouches for the finale I must say!

  2. Thank you, Elisa!
    Congratulations again, you will soon need a new "push" to fill up your shop after all those beautiful bags get sold!

  3. Yes Damjana, I agree with Elisa! You certainly do what you can! There are always priorities in life to consider, and children and family are first rank! I also think you did a great job and your items are so well done and always beautiful and unique Loddelina! So just light a candle for yourself and be happy! :-)


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