Saturday, 12 February 2011

Busy weekend ahead

I am working on a new design this weekend, a shoulder bag with adjustable strap
This morning I finished drawing out the patern and now it's time to choose the fabrics...

Ooooh, what to chose? In the past 15 years I have collected so many different fabrics but each time I want to sew it takes me forever to chose - I love my collection and fell in love with several fabrics the moment I saw them but since then I just don't feel inspired to transform some of them into a bag while I use others all the time.
I was thinking of offering sets of three or four pieces of matching fabrics as a destash in my shop, hopefully inspiring others to sew something. That way I can clear out some space in my closet for new stuff (!) - but what if those materials fail to inspire me as well after I put them on the shelf?
You see, it is a never ending dilemma...

Stay tuned for more pictures of my work in progress
& have a wonderfull weekend!


  1. I recently went through all my fabrics and organized them by color and type of textile. It has made such a difference when having to choose fabrics to work with.
    A friend of mine once told me that you need to purchase quite a few pairs of jeans to find one that's perfect that you will want to wear everyday. Maybe it's the same with fabric!

    Look forward to seeing your new bag!

  2. Thank you, Elisa,
    I sort my fabrics by type of textile but I guess by colour makes more sense - I get caught in the same colour scheme over and over again, hardly ever venturing away from it.

    And I still haven't found the prefect pair of jeans, sigh...

  3. I wish you success with your new design Damjana! And I think the idea with some fabric bundles in your shop is fabulous!
    Have a nice weekend too!

    Oh and Elisa, I guess I have to do some fabric sorting in my workroom too - but then when it is all so nice and lovely folded on the shelves, I DO NOT WANT TO DISTURB IT!!!
    Oh je! :-)

  4. My problem wiht my fabric collection is, when I like something a lot, I can't bring myself to use it! I'm sure what you choose in the end, will look great!


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