Saturday, 26 February 2011

Holiday update

My winter break is slowly moving towards the second half and it feels so good to rest from everything, even the blogging... It is time for a quick update:

Two days ago I had an opportunity to meet a fellow blogger from Ljubljana, an Etsy artist whose work I have been admiring for a while and who I am now happy to call a friend. Sonja is amazingly talented in every art technique she decides to try (and there have been many), she currently focuses on jewellry making and mixed media but also spends a lot of her free time sewing (while also being a mom and working full time).
We met at the local mall, in a coffee shope next to a large indoor playground where Lily could play while we chatted. Sonja, who has already surprised me with a gift necklace, has brought a handmade present for my daughter this time, a darling handpainted doll...

And just before I left France, I made a small present for a friend and finished one special order for another. First one is a smaller version of my Mia zippered pouch, this time a little narrower and taller (12 x 15 cm, 4.7" x 6") - I always enjoy making special orders and trying out different suggestions people make.

The second one is a present for a dear friend whose mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer. The whole family is very upset and they are trying to stay strong and brave to fight the disease together. So I made my friende this iPhone cozy, embroidered with words that might bring her some of that strenght as she starts each new day.


  1. Kako lepo darilo si naredila prijateljici. Tudi jaz držim pesti za njeno mamo in vsej družini želim obilo poguma, vere in upanja.

  2. Hvala :) Me veseli, da sva se srečali.
    Uživajte še naprej v počitnicah.

  3. What sweets gifts you received and also gave! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and time off! :)

  4. A za tvojo pupo je bila pupi!! Fajn, sem vesela, da sta se srečali!


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