Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Soon in my shop

I made two new messenger bags with adjustable strap over the weekend, one will be available in my Etsy shop later today and the other I am keeping for myself ( I honestly needed a new bag!)

New Luna bag is a medium size messenger bag with tons of interfacing so it will keep it's shape plus you can store everything neatly in its many pockets - there are two double compartement interior pockets, one large exterior pocket in the back and one zippered pocket under the front flap. Interior also has a swivel hook for attaching keys and the front flap closes securely with a magnetic snap.

This was the first time I made two identical bags simultaneously, phase by phase. Usually I prefer making one bag from start to finish, from cutting the fabric and fusing it with interfacing to placing the magnetic snap and closing the lining at the end.
I am keeping the bag on the right. Perhaps when it stops raining I can model it outside...

And here is a look at the wall above my sewing table - since we are renting I can't do much about this ugly structured wall paint but I can dress it up a bit with my favourite pictures. The cheerful Amsterdam canal print is from Laura Amiss and next to it are my postcards of Ljubljana, Cape Town and one with Le Petit Prince.


  1. Very pretty! I love that when you open the flap you get to see more pretty details. I understand how tempting it was to keep one for yourself!

  2. Wonderful bag Damjana - I love that flower on the flap, so clever!

  3. Poštarske so pa super, res. Take praktične :) Jaz še kar premišljujem, kakšno bi imela. Imam eno super luštno, s kar nekaj predalčki, samo premajhno. Mogoče bi si morala omislit kopijo v večjih dimenzijah. :)
    Dobro si se znašla z okrasitvijo stene. Če ne gre z luknjicami, gre pa s ščipalkami :)

  4. Aja, sori, smotana... pozabila pohvalit torbico :) Super je, skupaj skombinirana v luštnih barvah.

  5. I love the new design and floral print!

  6. Those are SO beautiful. Makes me feel ashamed of my run down looking messenger bag!

  7. Gorgeous bags! I've awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award - please check out my blog for more details :)

  8. Thank you, ladies, this means a lot!


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