Thursday, 14 April 2011

Freshly baked

Lately I have been in the mood for colour, lots and lots of it, so I started sorting out the most vibrant textiles in my supplies closet to make a few new zippered pouches. But then I realized I don't have many colourful beads left, those large glass or wooden ones I like to use as zipper pulls (and I find them not just beautiful but pretty handy, too...).

So I thought I might make some beads myself - the only available material I had was polymer clay though it has been a while since I worked with it the last time. I have a small collection of basic hues of Fimo soft polymer clay and it took some effort to blend them into pastel colours I was after but at the end I was very pleased with the result.

I used some tiny plastic beads to decorate each large piece, sinking them into the soft clay before baking it according to instructions (half an hour at 130° C). I laid the beads on a small baking tray - a miniature one from Ikea that my children use to make playdough cookies.

I made the holes large enough for the leather cord I use to attach them to zippers.

This project was fun but I am still very far from mastering the clay modeling technique - I admire those Etsy artists who make lifelike miniatures out of polymer clay, like Stephanie from PetitPlat, or jewellery artists like Maja and Sonja.

Nevertheless, I can't wait to use my new beads in future Loddelina projects!

:: P.S. ::

Thank you, Sonja, for pointing out a few more things about polymer clay beads, I will consider them when I make my next batch. Those that I won't use for Loddelina purses I will keep on my sewing table - they will come in handy when Lily comes to play at my feet, she loves to string beads!


  1. Ooohh, kaki cukrčki ♥ ♥ Čudovite barve si namešala.

  2. You made beautiful soft colored pastel beads!
    And this is the sweetest most lovely baby girl in the world, that's for sure!
    Very enjoyable post Damjana! I am wishing you and your family a great weekend!

  3. What a fun project and very pretty too! Look forward to seeing you painted beads as well.
    Your daughter is just the sweetest and very creative as well. I am sure the necklace she is beading in the photo came out fantastic!

  4. Thank you, dear friends,
    the picture of Lily is actually a year old - she has lost her baby cheeks... Now she loves to explore my sewing table, I have to keep my pins and scissors well hidden!

  5. Pridna si bila!! Tvoja hči ti je pa zelo podobna!


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