Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New season, new ideas

First blossoms of spring make me already think of summer, there is something about clear blue sky with puffy white clouds that evokes memories of childhood summer holidays at the seaside... I love the clean and fresh combination of sky blue, leaf green and white!

So this week I am working on a larger summer tote - perhaps not in the same colour scheme as this cherry branch (because I have to use some of many fabrics I have in stock) but the new bags will definitely say "Summer Time"

Stay tuned!


  1. Waaaa, tele skice so že višja matemat'ka :-) Tvoje torbice stojijo na trdnih temeljih! ♥

    Topel pomladni pozdrav iz s soncem obsijane domovine * * *

  2. Hvala, sovica,
    lepo pomlad tudi tebi in tvojim filcastim živalcam!


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